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It’s Difficult to Change

Doing things the way you’ve always done it will get you what you’ve always gotten. It might be difficult to change, but running on auto-pilot can’t change the outcomes. Check out what is on auto-pilot, and decide if that is what you want, or not. Continue reading

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Manifestation through Balance

<div class=\"postavatar\">Manifestation through Balance</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> by Sheryl Eldene, MA, MBA During my corporate career, I was successful by using my strong will to drive myself to complete projects, and to please my employers. When I left corporate, quite burned out from 20 years … Continue reading

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New Habit? Keep Those Glasses ON

<div class=\"postavatar\">New Habit? Keep Those Glasses ON</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> By Sheryl Eldene, MA, MBA You may have heard that to change a habit, you need to practice the new lifestyle for 6 weeks for it to become your own. We have some interesting information now about how … Continue reading

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