Marketing Lessons from the Garden

By Gail Z. Martin

Does your marketing have blossom end rot?  My tomatoes did.  And I tried to fix them the same way I see business owners tackle marketing that isn’t working.  I tried to figure it out on my own, while throwing out tomatoes that got a gray, yucky fungus on the bottom.  I guessed at what was wrong, but it took me far too long to research my situation and find an expert to help.  I often run into business owners who put up with marketing that isn’t getting results, but they resist researching their options, finding an expert, and investing a little money in a solution.  Instead, they keep limping along on their own, still disappointed in their results.

Or is your marketing wilting?  Some people are natural gardeners.  I’m not one of them.  My garden reminds me of the benefits of consistency, because when I forget to water my plants for a day or two (or three), they wilt.  I know a lot of business owners in the same boat when it comes to marketing.  They get enthusiastic and invest money, time and energy into their marketing—for a while.  Then they get busy and the marketing goes on the back burner.  It begins to wilt.  When the business owner notices it again, the marketing is just a shadow of itself—and not producing nearly the results it could if well cared for.

If you’re marketing isn’t fulfilling expectations, take a cue from my garden experience and see if expert advice, investing in the right solution and making a consistent effort won’t turn your marketing around and make it bloom!

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