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Time Management: Gain New Customers in Less Time on Twitter, Facebook

The biggest key to productivity on social media is keeping your top goal firmly in mind and approaching your online time with an action-list.  Go onto Facebook or Twitter with one to three tasks that can be accomplished in 10 to 30 minutes, and keep your mind on business while you’re there.  By using this “power surge” process, you accomplish more in less time and avoid distractions during working hours.

What can you do in such a short time?  You can invite people to become your friend or “like” your page, ask a question or make a comment to someone who is already a friend or who has liked your page, post a quote or short tip, or check out what top speakers and experts are posting on their sites.  You can post a link to a helpful article, or set up a Facebook ad.  Shoot a quick video with your smartphone and post it to YouTube. Take a photo and add it to Pinterest. You’ll be amazed what you can get done in a short period of time when you keep your activity focused on achieving your top goal and reaching your ideal audience.

 Excerpted from 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Z. Martin

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Freebie Friday

Guest blogger Terri Levine has graciously shared a spreecast with our audience.

Click here to access:

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Stay Hungry

By Terri Levine

One of the main differences between mediocre business people and highly successful business people is their appetite for “more”… they are ALWAYS hungry for something more. Having achieved a major goal, they are not satisfied just with that and will immediately start working towards the accomplishment of a new goal. Their success comes from constant action, constant movement towards new goals. Think of Richard Branson, for example!

Being hungry and moving forward need not always entail new ideas. Perhaps, if you think of the project just completed, you may think of something you wish you had done better or differently – this is a healthy hunger and great results can come from trying to appease it.

Hungry people realize they don’t know everything, but they don’t stop searching and trying to learn new things.

Are you maximizing your talents and those of your staff? Develop yourself and those who work for you to their fullest potential. Pinpoint areas where each different talent may excel and don’t be afraid to experiment. Hungry people try new things -You won’t know if you don’t try!

Hungry people are competitive and want to outdo themselves. Their hunger fuels their determination and their efforts.

While many people would be satisfied with the accomplishment of one goal and sit around enjoying a celebratory champagne, hungry people have enjoyed one glass and have now left the room, donned their thinking caps and are already off in search of their next win.

Hungry people keep their eyes and ears open for new opportunities and they march to the beat of their own drum.

There is nothing wrong with being satisfied with what you have or where you are – you should be satisfied with what you have and where you are. It’s just that if you do want more, wishful thinking will not get it for you. You need a healthy appetite!

About Terri Levine: Business mentor Terri Levine specializes in helping entrepreneur-owned businesses achieve record-breaking growth. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, and in more than 1,500 publications. She is the best-selling author of Sell Without Selling, Coaching Is for Everyone and Stop Managing Start Coaching.

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Online Marketing: Simple Twitter Strategies to Turn Followers into Paying Customers

If you’re a person of few words, you’ll admire the elegance of the idea behind Twitter; each post is just 140 characters.  That’s about two sentences to get your idea across.  What can you do in two sentences?  You’d be surprised.

Twitter is a great place to share links to valuable content (you can shorten them to preserve more of your character limit by using a problem like or videos, interesting articles on other sites, blog posts, audio, or downloads.  Find an article of interest to your audience?  Share the link, and then tweet a few thoughts and ask a question to get a conversation going.

What else can you talk about in 140 characters?  Recommend a business book and say how it influenced you.  If you were at an event and saw a speaker who talked about something useful for your readers, Tweet about it!  You could even include a link to the event Web site, speaker’s home page, or to a video or blog post related to the event.  Or, share a motivational quote, comment on a business-related topic that is in the news, or let readers know if you have an upcoming promotion or special event.

As with Facebook, you can reward the people who follow your page with periodic links to free downloadable material of value to their business, or give them sneak previews of special prices before you post the specials on your Web site.  People who follow you can ask you questions, either publically or privately, so you’ll want to monitor these so you can answer promptly. (Several of the dashboards make this easier.) Also, if you forget your password on Facebook, you can actually ask, How can I find my facebook password, to solve your problem.

Twitter is also a great way to give live updates from the business-related events you attend.  If you’re at a conference, either as a speaker or an attendee, send periodic tweets about what you’ve liked, what insights you’ve gained, what well-known experts you’ve heard or met, and other information that gives your followers a you-were-there feeling.

Whenever you use a keyword in your tweets (such as the name of an event, a book, a celebrity/authority or product), make it searchable by putting # in front of it.  For example, if you are talking about the book Think And Grow Rich, you would tweet #ThinkAndGrowRich.  That way your tweet will show up if anyone searches on the name of the book.  You can also see what topics are popular by searching Twitters Trending Topics.  Chiming in on a hot topic (if it relates to your business) can draw attention to your Twitter page, and help you gain more readers.

Promote your Twitter page, and make sure you let people know what’s in it for them to follow you.  Tell them what kind of helpful content you post, and if you provide discounts or coupons, let them know.  You can also have your Twitter feed automatically update your other online pages, such as your LinkedIn page or Web site, by using the RSS (Really Simple Syndication).  LinkedIn has a free RSS application, and your Web designer can add it easily to your home page.

Excerpted from 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Z. Martin

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Content Marketing: 6 Easy Ways to Get More Customers With Facebook

#1 Content is essential for attracting and keeping readers.  Ask questions that are business-related, provide tips and post links to interesting and helpful videos, articles and blogs, even to content that you didn’t create but that your audience would appreciate.  Repurpose articles and answers into Frequently Asked Questions and use other information you’ve written into short, helpful one-paragraph snippets of content.

#2 Try to keep a conversational tone.  Don’t use a hard sell, and don’t constantly promote.  Instead, draw your readers in with open-ended questions and try to get them into a dialog.  Facebook users want to connect with the person behind the business, so keep the conversation “business casual”, as you would at a networking luncheon.  That means that it’s OK to talk a little bit about superficial personal subjects, such as your pets, vacation highlights, sports teams, etc.  Always make sure that the information you share shows you in an ethical, trustworthy light.  Be human, but also be professional!  You can also reward those who “like” your page with occasional special discounts and coupons.

# 3 Promote your Facebook Business Page at every opportunity.  Put a “badge” (Facebook can generate this for free) showing your Business Page icon on your business Web page.  Add the address for your Business Page to your business cards, signage, invoices, handouts and all marketing material (Facebook makes it easy to create a short, readable page address).  Where your Web site is a one-way conversation (you speaking to your customers), view your Facebook page as the opportunity to learn from having a two-way conversation with your prospects and buyers.

#4 Facebook also offers the ability to place ads that show up on the profiles of other Facebook users who fit the demographic description you provide.  You set the budget and the duration for the ads, and a campaign costing just a few hundred dollars can lead to hundreds of thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks.  This is a great way to drive traffic to your Business Page or to your company’s Web page. Do you know that the team at ChiroPraise builds beautiful Facebook ads for chiropractors.

#5 Facebook has tightened up its rules for allowing contests, but that doesn’t mean that contests are out of reach for small businesses. specializes in template-driven, do-it-yourself Facebook campaigns that comply with Facebook’s rules but are easy and affordable for small businesses to run.  Used in conjunction with Facebook ads, this is a great way to increase the “likes” for your page, essentially increasing your Facebook opt-in.  Constant Contact has also added a social media tool that creates Facebook landing pages using templates, with the advantage that the tool also integrates with Constant Contact’s impressive email marketing capabilities.

#6 You can also add value to your Facebook Business Page through extra add-on applications within Facebook.  For example, one app allows your blog to automatically post to your Facebook page (RSS), increasing your productivity by getting additional exposure for each blog post.  The same is also possible for your Twitter or podcast feed.  For companies that sell on eBay, Facebook has an app that interfaces with your eBay site.  Apps change frequently, so be sure to look for the ones that would be right for your business.

Excerpted from 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Z. Martin

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