Getting More from Your Email Newsletter

By Gail Z. Martin

Make sure your email newsletter focuses on reader value rather than hard-sell pitches. Most of your content should provide information and tips, along with a featured offer or event invitation from your company. Avoid sending email newsletters too frequently. Most companies do well with a monthly format. Some utilize a very short weekly tip or motivational quote along with one or two brief links to their own products or events.

Engage your reader by making your newsletter interactive. Give them a reason to click on links to see videos, hear audios and read more beyond the short tip that’s posted. Include polls and surveys. Give readers incentive to visit your Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog by mentioning the topics you’ve recently covered or will talk about soon. If you’re promoting an upcoming event, include a link to the event sign-up page. Promoting a “special of the month” product or service? Make sure there’s a “buy now” link handy to make it easy for readers to purchase.

Don’t reprint your press releases in press release format, but do make sure to report your news, awards, upcoming programs, and participating in community and industry events. Make sure to include your own ads for products or events. If you have something big coming up, add a special banner ad to get attention. It’s your newsletter; make it work hard for you.

Excerpted from 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success, coming in November from Career Press and available for pre-order now on Amazon!

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