More Ways to Ramp Up Your Fall Marketing

By Gail Z. Martin

New year budgets—Managers who ran out of discretionary budget before the end of the fiscal year just ending may be counting the days until the new year’s budget starts and they can buy what they need.  Make sure your business is top of mind by getting your message out early, before the holiday clutter.  September and October are not too early for managers who are budgeting purchases for January.

End of year panic—Fall can be a moment of reckoning for managers who realize that there is more project left than there is calendar to complete it in.  That can lead to forced spending on extra resources, productivity-enhancing tools and outsourcing to meet year-end deadlines.  If your company can help with the last quarter crunch, start getting the message out in September!

Back from the beach—Some companies take a break over the summer.  They put projects on hold, and set few deadlines.  Then, as soon as school reopens, managers are back at their desks and everyone is recharged and ready to get down to business.  That can include making decisions about purchases that have been deferred over the vacation months.  Early Fall is the perfect time to follow up on proposals and close those deals with fresh sales materials or customized direct mail pieces.

Get ahead of your competition by revving up your marketing engines in the Fall.  Use the pressure of the business cycle to your advantage, and market your goods and services relentlessly as the year counts down.  By helping your clients have a successful year-end, you’ll also be doing your own bottom line a favor.

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