Give Yourself a Gift — Self Love!

by Valerie R. Sheppard

The words are famous … “How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”   How wonderful to have those words spoken tous.  It’s even sweet to have someone very special to say these words to.  Very storybook romantic.  But here’s the thing.  How many of us say them to ourselves?  If you said “Ickypoo! Why would I do that?”  then I encourage you to read one of my favorite articles on the power of the relationship we keep with ourselves.

Yes, we need to have a relationship with ourselves!  It’s the centerpiece of everything that happens to us, for us, and created by us.  Do you know who you are to you? Hmmm.  If you are at all like I was in the past, you’re more judge, jury and executioner than nurturing advocate.  And I bet you wonder why you’re feeling judged and beaten up?  It’s time to get some SELF-love on. Check it out!

Blessings, Love and Light!


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