What Story are You Living?

by Valerie R. Sheppard

One of my Lollipop Ship sisters (long and lovely story for another time) mentioned being asked this question as part of one of her transformational workshops.  I love its simultaneouslysimple yet profound nature, which I’ve experienced is often the case with big questions or statements.  I couldn’t help but ponder.

The “story” that I’m living has been a primary subject as I’ve been immersed in and devoted to my journey of transformation over the past several years.   This journey started with the simple question of “Who Am I?” in the midst of a profound experience that landed me in the emergency room at Hoag Hospital.  It’s continued with many variations on that theme, as well as completely different themes altogether, as I’ve peeled back layers to get beyond the surface.

I uncovered the past being lived as if it were the present, fiction being lived as if it were truth, and worn-out habits being lived as if they were the only options for how to live.  At the beginning, the journey often left me exhausted and weeping, feeling judgment, blame, shame and guilt.  But as I’ve gone higher into Consciousness and deeper into the True nature of mySelf, I know everything is part of a Greater Plan, and every situation is a gift of my Soul’s unfolding evolution.

The story I’m living now is about being the Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom I came here to be, and to shepherd as many people there with me as I can.  I like to think big, so I’m inviting multitudes into their own such journeys, and I’m sharing my experiences both as witness and supporter.

Is your current story about lack, limitation, fear, sadness, or hurt?  Does it have chaos, clutter, catastrophe behind every door?  Are your relationships characterized by betrayal, silence, anger, or abuse?   These situations are calling you to write a new story.

Is there happiness, but it feels too fleeting?  Are you doing fine, but not feeling content and fulfilled?  Is your life good when you want great?  These situations are calling you to write a new story.

Whatever the seminal simple and profound question is for you, whatever the time and place you ask it, I encourage you to get on with the asking. Ask the really juicy questions about your life, why you’re here, and why you do what you do.  Take time away from the busy-busy-go-go-go nature of that doingness, and invest some time in doingness that’s about getting clarity. Where do your own past and present collide, where is illusion masquerading as reality in your life, and where have old worn-out habits become all there is for you?  What aspects of the story are you holding as the very “you-ness of you,” when they actually no longer serve you? What will be your shift into the story you were meant to live?

It’s only in doing the exploration that we find the treasure.  My treasure chest of awakenings continues to provide me bountiful gifts. I’m living my Happy to Be ME!story.  When will you begin to live yours?

So here you go … What story are you living?

Blessings, Love and Light!

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