What the ______ is Happening to Me?

by Gail Edgell

All of us can relate to being pulled in a thousand different directions, but when do you say enough is enough?

Peri-menopause tends to be a time of re-evaluation for many women.

According to Dr. Northrup, the brain totally rewires during these years. On top of it, altering hormones levels can cause
irritability, anxiety and forgetfulness which can add to uneasiness. The combination of the two can add up to a very ugly midlife if you are not careful.

I recently co-wrote the first book in the six part series, ‘What the Hell is Happening to Me?’. You can get a copy at https://amzn.to/zf5AyB. It is a perfect title for a book about midlife. It is almost as if things add up over the years and one day you say, how did I get like this and what can I do about it? Unfortunately, some women never get to this point and struggle the remaining years of their life. On the other hand, there are women who breeze through this time of their life.

Again, the question is why the difference?

So what do we know about women who feel great at this time of their life?

1. Self – women tend to worry about everyone else and put themselves at the bottom of the list. These women take time for themselves by getting a massage, meditating, deep breathing, taking a walk in the park, etc. Even if it is just a few minutes a day.

If your feathers are being ruffled from this statement, here is what I have to say. You only have so much in your emotional bank account. If it is continually being drained, eventually you will have nothing to give.

Taking care of you helps to balance hormone levels which really get out of whack with stress.

2. Mindset – we know that women that have a positive mindset going into this time of their life, have a better midlife. If you are constantly talking how bad things are in your life, you will emit that energy to the world and it will continue to be fulfilled in your life. Take a moment each day and be grateful for what you do have instead of what is not going right in the world. Most important start changing your beliefs. Realize that stress is only created because we are not living up to a belief that you have set in your own mind.

3. Peace – women who have unresolved emotional distress from prior years, will most likely have a more difficult menopause transition. Things such as marital difficulties, incest and physical abuse are all examples. If you have dealt with these things head on, that is awesome, but if you have stuffed them under the covers, it is time to face them head on. Journal your feelings and even get a professional to help you work through these issues.

4. Healthy Living – women who live a clean life which includes eating whole foods, exercising and minimizing their exposure to environmental toxins, have less menopausal symptoms. This goes hand in hand with every disease out there; making healthy choices decreases your risk of just about every ailment or disease on the planet. You may be asking, but how do I start and my simple answer is just pick one thing to change. For example: commit to drinking one more glass of water a day or eating an extra vegetable, perhaps buying organic poultry or laundry detergent that does not harm you or the environment. Just start.

5. Last, but certainly not least – sit down and make a list of things that are no longer serving you. Start clearing your plate to spend time with you and things that really feed your soul. Perhaps releasing a group you belong to, friends that are negative or even a business relationship. What is draining you?

Then, on a separate sheet of paper write down things that would “feed” your soul. Perhaps it is nature, spending time with your kids, getting a massage, etc. Then put it in your calendar and commit to them.

You are worth it. You have a lot to contribute in this world. Be of service to others but most important love yourself.

Menopause does not have to be a mystery. But it certainly is a cross road in life and a choice. Which one are you going to take.

Take a step toward great health and well being. Get your copy of part 1 of the 6 part series, ‘What the Hell is Happening to Me?’ kindle version by going to https://amzn.to/zf5AyB. Or go read more great articles and find menopause experts at https://www.360Menopause.com.

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