Q&A with Terri Levine

1.  What led you to write your book/create your product/create your webinar?

I realized that many types of businesses needed the information of low and no cost Guerrilla Marketing strategies and as a Master Guerilla Marketing Trainer and Coach I picked many niches to write for. The concepts work for any business. I selected beauty salons because I had some clients in this niche and they were seriously struggling.

2.  Who is the ideal type of person to benefit from your book/product/webinar?

Anyone who owns any type of a small business will learn 200 low and no cost strategies that they can apply to their business just by substituting their business type name in place of beauty salon.

3.  How did your background, training or personal journey contribute to your perspective?

I have owned 6 million dollar plus businesses of my own plus for the past almost two decades mentored almost 5,000 business owners in almost 250 different industries to create 6 and 7 figure incomes. My passion is helping other business owners be successful by teaching them to stop spending money on ineffective on-line and off-line marketing and to use proven marketing that works. I get my “wows” from their successes.

4. What one piece of encouragement would you offer to people struggling with (your topic)?

If your marketing isn’t working go find a mentor coach who resonates with you and who is running leaps and bounds ahead of you and who is willing to share what works with you.

5. What tends to be the most common obstacle people encounter in dealing with (your topic)?

People are doing all the wrong things in marketing. They have no idea how to use social media so that it makes them money or how to relate to their audience so that they can build a loyal raving fan base. They are turning people off vs. turning people on and not converting prospects into customers or even worse they don’t even have even hot leads in their pipelines.

6. Do you have any other new books, products or events coming up in the next few months?  Tell us a little about them and where to find out more information.

Yes, I just released a brand new program to make my coaching and mentoring affordable to the average or start-up business owner and am very excited about this. They can get started with no money down and no interest. It is my VIP Coaching and Mastermind Program found at www.terrilevine.com/vip

7.  Do you have a downloadable resource listeners can access for free on your site?  Please provide the link and a description/benefit.

Yes they get a full e-course called The 7 Secrets to Lasting Business Success and it’s on the right side of www.TerriLevine.com

8.  How is your book/product/event different from other materials on your topic?

This book has practical solutions and I updated the original but old Guerrilla Marketing book so that I have 200 tactics and include Internet strategies. Everything in it I personally use and have taught my clients. It all works and there is no theory. It’s short and to the point.

9.  Can you share a short example of the kind of success people have experienced with your book/product/event?

One of my favorites is Jemilla Williams who said after learning one simple idea (that I teach in the book) she made an extra $15,000 in just a couple of hours. (Her testimonial video is on www.terrilevine.com/vip)

10. What first step would you recommend for someone who is interested in your topic but afraid to take action?

Go get the Kindle edition of the book. It’s a few bucks. Try ONE idea for a month. That’s it. Very simple.

Listen to Terri read an excerpt from her book on our sister site by clicking here.

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