Claim Your Role as Catalyst

by Gail Z. Martin excerpted from Fresh Start Success: Reimagine Your Work, Reinvent Your Life, Re-Ignite Your Passion

Everyone has the power to be a change agent and a catalyst; you just have to acknowledge your own ability to make a difference. Start by becoming mindful about how the organizations you’ve worked for actually functioned. Where were the inefficiencies and redundancies? Who was doing a great job without acknowledgement? What could have been done better, and how could it have been improved? Take those lessons with you to the next role you play—whether it’s within another organization or in a company you start.

Make a conscious decision to build an ethical company—not just by observing the letter of the law, but by maximizing the human potential of your employees, customers, and industry through recognizing and rewarding actions that mentor, empower, and implement new ideas. Resist the comfort zone of default thinking and challenge “the way it’s always been done.” Make your reinvention a Fresh Start Success for everyone involved.

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