Serial Entrepreneur

by Gail Z. Martin excerpted from Fresh Start Success: Reimagine Your Work, Reinvent Your Life, Re-Ignite Your Passion

Often, it takes more than one try to find where you really belong. Many of the people interviewed for this book are serial entrepreneurs. They have owned more than one business, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes the market shifted or the economy changed, but in many cases, the entrepreneur realized that his or her passion and opportunity lay elsewhere.

To put it a different way—being good at something doesn’t lock you in to having to do that type of work for the rest of your life. It’s okay to be good at more than one thing and to “graduate” from running one kind of business into another. The work that satisfies you at one age may grow stale a decade or two later. The demands of one profession may become more than you want to put up with at a different stage in your life, and so you forge a new career better suited to your current needs.

As you’re considering your Fresh Start Success, think about the jobs you’ve had, the roles you’ve played, maybe even the companies you’ve owned. What common traits did the best—and the worst—share? When you plan your next move, factor in the value of the experience you’ve gained from your prior entrepreneurial efforts, and put that self-knowledge to use as you map out your future.

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