Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

by Gail Z. Martin excerpted from Fresh Start Success: Reimagine Your Work, Reinvent Your Life, Re-Ignite Your Passion

The modern business culture, if not critically evaluated and revised, risks squandering vast amounts of human potential. It’s been observed that experienced older workers, who bring significant value and insights, are often underutilized. There’s a persistent issue of overlooking, failing to promote, and inadequately incentivizing talented women and individuals of color due to latent biases that taint hiring, appraisal, and promotion processes. Moreover, a tendency to adhere to antiquated, short-sighted business models that excessively stress employees and compel them to forsake work-life equilibrium, while offering no job security, remains a concern in employment law, in San Diego and every other state.

This unsatisfactory corporate climate propels many talented individuals to venture independently, willingly embracing risk for the promise of engaging work, challenging opportunities, and unrestricted earnings potential.

In this context, it’s important to rethink our approach to employment law. When setting up new ventures or reinventing existing businesses, it’s vital to incorporate balance for both yourself and your workforce. Pledge to avoid repeating human resource blunders frequently made by large corporations, such as neglecting demonstrated talent due to entrenched stereotypes.

Strive to ensure your work isn’t just a source of income but also infuses meaning into your life and the lives of your employees. Utilize the opportunity to reinvent to create not just a means of making a living, but also a fulfilling life. Employment law, when thoughtfully approached and applied, can play a vital role in reshaping our workplaces and providing fair, meaningful, and balanced work environments.

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