Jump or Pivot?

by Gail Z. Martin excerpted from Fresh Start Success: Reimagine Your Work, Reinvent Your Life, Re-Ignite Your Passion

My upcoming book, Fresh Start Success: Reinvent Your Work, Reimagine Your Life and Re-Ignite Your Passion, interviews 41 amazing people who have made big, successful career changes in midlife, and shares insights into their success and marketing tips that made their success possible.

Making a Fresh Start Success doesn’t always mean completely leaving the old behind to make room for the new. Sometimes it’s a lateral shift, staying within a profession but changing the focus. When we come to a career/life crossroads, the idea that we have to jump instead of pivot can make us afraid to move forward. While some people embrace the idea for a complete reboot and the chance to do something completely different, pivoting allows you to keep one foot in the familiar while gaining a completely new perspective.

If the fear of making a huge change is holding you back from Fresh Start Success, stop feeling like you need to make a big jump and look for an opportunity to make a strategic pivot!

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