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How to Stay Positive in Challenging Times

by Pragito

Are you having trouble staying in a positive state of mind when challenging circumstances present themselves?  The Universal Laws state: so without, so within. Everything is a mirror. We cannot change the reflection, but we can change the original(ourselves),and then, automatically, the reflection changes.

Here are my top 5 Keys that can help you cultivate not only a positive mindset but also the feeling state necessary for the positive Law of Attraction. The more you focus on bringing awareness to accepting and loving yourself, the more your inner beauty and harmony is reflected in your outer circumstances.


Relax and accept the challenging situation. Don’t fight it because that will make it worse. The more relaxed you are, the more productive you are. Creativity arises out of a relaxed state. And it’s creativity that you need to come up with solutions to the situation you are in.  Notice that I use the word “situation” and not the word “problem”. There is no such thing as a problem, only a situation. When you shift your perspective and see the situation as it is,without negative commentary, then you come up with creative solutions, and/or you find the right person to help you.


Make a practice of watching the thoughts of the mind with non-judgment and compassion for yourself. It is not the thoughts that are the problem, it is our identification with them, that creates stress and anxiety.

For 5 minutes a day sit with eyes closed, body relaxed, and observe the thoughts of the mind. You don’t have to censor them, or force them to be other than they are, simply observe with non-judgment, and let them pass by.

Over time, you become less identified with the thoughts, and more connected to your creativity, wisdom and clarity.


A powerful way to undermine the influence of negative thoughts on your well being is to create a practice of saying positive thoughts to yourself. At the beginning these might seem tedious or silly, but, believe me, it works! The easiest way to break a bad habit of self-judgment and criticism is to create positive phrases that you repeat to yourself as often as possible. Even if you don’t really believe them in the beginning, say them anyway! Over time they become a habit and the negative thoughts simply dissolve.


Be alert to people who like to complain, bad-mouth others, and/or have a depressed outlook on life. AVOID THEM. Keep yourself in the company of positive thinking people. This is a powerful way to keep yourself in a positive energy field which will LIFT YOU, rather than bring you down. Your life is not determined by outside circumstances, but rather by how you respond to those outside circumstances.

Remember that all things are possible, there is a lot going on that is unseen to you.

The more you keep yourself on a positive vibrational level, the greater your chances of having positive outcomes to challenging situations.


Be grateful for what you have. If things are really bad, be grateful for being able to breathe, get out of bed in the morning, use your legs. Be grateful for the sunrise and sunset, for the beauty of the sky, the trees, the birds and flowers. There is always something to be grateful for. Put your focus there and celebrate what you have. Laughter is a powerful attractor factor. Seek out ways to bring more laughter into your life. You will be amazed at the miracles that occur.


When you befriend the mind you are surprised how radically life can change. It becomes much easier to disidentify from the mind’s constant chattering and see yourself, and life’s situations, with more clarity and objectivity. You see life’s dramas with perspective and compassion, and insights and understandings arise naturally.

Find ways to befriend your mind. The mind is our bridge from the subconscious to the conscious, our gateway of expression to the outer world. Be grateful for it. Find ways to appreciate the insights, understandings, and creativity it brings. See it not as an enemy but as a friend.

As this friendship with the mind deepens, your mind no longer disturbs you. You are not fighting it; you are simply letting it’s thoughts pass by.The mind and the ego want to make it complicated, but it is not. Life sings a different tune when you are not controlled by the mind. Your natural joy, spontaneity, self-acceptance, love and compassion arise quickly and easily.

For Pragito’s latest book “Laughter, Tears, Silence”, guided meditation CDs, and to join her Laughing Buddhas Network community (it’s FREE!) check in at her website

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Strategies to get you writing again.

by Karen Rowe

Break your goals down.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve set a goal of writing…and finishing your book…a number of times. So where have you gone wrong? I’m willing to bet that your end goal has likely overwhelmed you.

Here’s my suggestion: break your goals down to manageable, bit-sized chunks. In her book Four-Day Win, Martha Beck calls this ‘playing halfsies:’ She says, “by making your goals broad and far-reaching, you guarantee they will be immediately sabotaged by your inner meanie.” We start out with what we think are realistic goals, but most of the time they are not; otherwise, we would already have accomplished them. Play halfsies with yourself until your goal is ridiculously easy to attain, or until essentially, it would be an embarrassment not to complete it.

Here’s how it looks:

Your goal is to write a book? Great. How do we make that more attainable? Break it down.

Write a book¦Spoon-feed¦Do an outline¦Spoon-feed¦Create a mind-map¦Write the first chapter¦Spoon-feed¦Write the first two pages. Keep spoon-feeding¦Write one paragraph. Now you’re getting the hang of it. Keep on going¦Write a sentence.

What would an even smaller portion of a sentence be?

Start with a word.

Your first goal is to get one word on the page. It can be any word but you have to choose it, and put it down.

And for those of you who are still stuck, have some fun with it! I like to be silly or absurd, so it could be dipthong, mollycoddle or wombat.  Sometimes even throat-warbler mangrove.

If one word worked out, go for a second. Still doing alright? How about that sentence now?

Most importantly, keep writing.

Pull One Over On Yourself:

I have this little trick I do. I know that I am much more productive in the morning. I work hard, in short, focused sessions. I can word quickly and productively and uninterrupted for up to 3 hours and then I hit a wall. And before I know it I’m doing ‘make busy’ work. Checking my social media, answering emails…not really productive.

So my trick is to have 2 projects on the go at the same time. If it’s not 2 books, it’s 2 manuscripts I’m editing, content I’m building for my Writer’s Challenge, a blog post.

There’s always something I could be writing.

The way I trick myself is by taking a ‘break’ from one to work on the other. My tiny little pea brain thinks it’s getting away with something. ‘Ha, ha,’ it mocks! ‘I’ve got you fooled!

The second project will feel like a godsend; it’s an escape but it’s still productive. Here’s the real trick, though: When I’ve had enough of the second project, I’m usually ready to return back to the first project. At this point, I’ve usually forgotten what was bothering me on the first project and I hit it head on, right over the hurdle that seemed impossible before. I’ve found this works with almost anything! And your book will be no different.

Treat your mind like a 5 year-old (because sometimes it is) and you’ll get far more done.



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Is Now the Time?

by Dr Dain Heer

Have you noticed that the way things used to be done just isn’t working as well anymore? Have you noticed that there are many NEW ways to do things showing up on the horizon?

Do you KNOW that it’s time for a change? In your life? And even more so in the world?

What if now is the time? What if now’s the time to finally step into being everything you truly are?

Let me ask you this: do you know that there’s something different about you? Do you sometimes wonder why other people are content to just continue living their lives without ever looking for something greater?

What if the reason you have all these ponderings in your head is that you’re here to do and be something different than the people around you?

What if you’re here to awaken a different reality? What if now is the time to awaken the consciousness that you personally, and we collectively, came here to awaken?

Let me present to you a different paradigm for the possibility of actually creating that as a reality. Not just something you dream of, and judge yourself for not creating – no, a paradigm to start creating the true change you’ve KNOWN is possible your whole life!

And as you are able to be something different in your life, does it make sense that you might actually inspire others to realize change is possible?

Are you aware that that’s really the only way change has ever actually occurred? By somebody being inspired by someone else and saying “Yes, I’ll have that.”

Have you ever in your life tried to change someone else? How well does it work? Not at all, right? You get frustrated and they get frustrated…

From this other place of actually BEING the inspiration to change, you can be the one thing that will allow other people around and the world to know there is a different possibility.

What if THAT is what you’re here to BE?

Are you ready?

1. First—make a demand.

As in, “Hey, this is going to change and something else is going to show up!”

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in relationship and you know it needs to change, but you’re not willing to demand that it change, and finally when you get to the point where “enough knowing it needs to, this is going to change, I don’t care if I die, I don’t care if they die, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care if the world ends, this is changing now!”

Remember how quickly it changes? That is a demand.

2. Next—ask a question.

Every question you ask opens up a completely different possibility and a new potential. After making this demand, then ask, “Hey, what’s it going to take for this to show up differently?”

All of a sudden this doorway opens up you never saw before.  You stick your head in the doorway, and there’s all these different paths you can take.  You couldn’t see them until you made the demand and asked the question.

3. Letting go of your limitation

Now, please tell the Universe that you are ready and willing to let go of all your decisions, conclusions, computations, judgments and projections you have around whatever you are demanding to change! Right now!

Those are the things standing in your way! And 99,9% of the time, this is something you bought from someone else. The limitations are not yours! Release them.  Return them to sender.  LET THEM GO! Bye bye! And now breathe.

4. Now—CHOOSE (and ACT)!

Your choice determines the potentials that will occur. In other words, you’ve got the demand, the question, the letting go of limitations—and it’s the choice that actually creates a different potential for the future. You have to choose (and ACT)!

This is a reality where doing is often required to create things. In other words, you can’t just sit on your butt and expect change to occur!  In this reality, you still have to DO TOO! Please don’t limit what can show up for you by refusing to act when it’s necessary. Asking is one very important step in the process.  It’s not the end.

If you want to know what actions to take, simply ask this question every day, “What can I do today that will allow this to show up right away?”

One of your greatest capacities as a being is the capacity to choose. There is just one little catch: we think we should choose only the good (right) things and not the bad (wrong) things. But that takes A LOT of judgment—of us.

What if there were no judgment of, “Oh, this is a good thing,” or “Oh, this is a bad thing?” What if it were just, “Wow, I made that choice.”

And if it works out well, choose more of that. If it doesn’t work out well, what if you could just choose again? That’s another aspect of the magic of you—the capacity to always choose again.


5. Finally—RECEIVE everything

For this to work, for things to change, you have to be willing to receive everything that shows up, with no judgment or exclusion. Trust the universe.  Trust YOU.

Please know, you don’t control when something shows up, or exactly what it looks like. The Universe does. The Universe is aware of INFINITE possibilities—possibilities that go way, way, WAY beyond every fantasy you may have of what the perfect—for example relationship—should look like.

Because you are not alone in the world, the Universe has to re-arrange a lot of people’s universes in order to create a major outward shift in the world. You may ask today and receive it in 10 years—or 10 seconds from now.

So if it doesn’t show up tomorrow—you are NOT wrong, my friend.

It will occur. You have started! Right now . . . reading this . . . .

And please know—it will probably look completely different than you’ve ever imagined.

What if the possibilities you’ve always dreamed of actually could exist?

What if it doesn’t have to be some far off thing anymore that seems impossible to achieve, impossible to have, impossible to be, impossible to choose?

What if you, truly being you, are the gift and the change this world requires?

Is now the time?

By Dr. Dain Heer

Dr Dain Heer is an international speaker, author and facilitator of advanced Access Consciousness® workshops worldwide. His unique and transforming points of view on bodies, money, future, sex and relationships transcend everything currently being taught. Dr Heer invites and inspires people to greater conscious awareness from total allowance, caring, humor and a deep inner knowing.  Dr Heer now travels the world facilitating classes and has developed a unique energy process for change for individuals and groups, called The Energetic Synthesis of Being. He has a completely different approach to healing by teaching people to tap into and recognize their own abilities and knowing. The energetic transformation possible is fast – and truly dynamic.


Debbi Dachinger

Debbi Dachinger is a goal achievement expert who teaches the practical and spiritual techniques to achieve dreams and goals. She’s a private coach for people who want to be excellent at radio interviews –showing how to get on radio, how to prep the technical, how to be great while on air & how to get asked back.  Debbi is a radio and TV personality; a three-time bestselling author, keynote speaker, and coach (for goal attainment and in how to be an exquisite interview on radio).  Debbi’s “Dare to Dream” radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program with 2+ million listeners. Awards: Editor’s Pick: Featured Intriguing Creator; Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award; Inducted into the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for entertainment; featured on the cover of Spirit Magazine, and Social Media Magazine, in the documentary “Girl’s Rule.” and has an inspirational YouTube channel at,

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Are you Sabotaging Important Contacts From Reaching You With LinkedIn?

by Lisa Mininni

One of the internal systems my Entrepreneurial Edge System Clients learn is to connect their online and offline strategies.  After they attend a face-to-face networking event, they will go online and connect with people they have just met. It’s a great way to bridge offline networking and online connections.  It also gives them a second touch point so they continue cultivating that relationship with someone they just met in person.

It’s at this point, things usually get interesting.  I often hear stories on how they tried to connect on LinkedIn with someone they met in person, only to find that they weren’t sure it was them because their profile had no picture!

If you’re wondering why your network isn’t growing, you might be making it difficult for others to connect with you online.  Here are some of the common roadblocks and tips to remove them:

  1. You include your logo instead of your picture.  People want to connect with people – not logos.  Someone you just met at a networking event wants to make sure they are connecting with the right person. They may not remember your logo.  Make it easy for them to know they are inviting the right person to their network by including your latest professional photograph.
  2. Your Settings Create an Invisible Barrier.  One setting in LinkedIn requires the requestor to type in your email before being able to link with you.  There is one pitfall to this setting:   you may prevent someone who wants to be your client from connecting with you because they don’t have your email yet.  Think through those settings before engaging them. You may be putting up that invisible barrier between you and important contacts.
  3. You Have a Nickname.  If you have a nickname or you’re given name is Michael but you go by Mike, it’s a guessing game on how to find you on social media.  Remember to include your LinkedIn URL on your business cards or website making it a breeze for others to find you.
  4. Your Profile is Incomplete.  If your profile is incomplete, it puts the question in your prospect’s mind (or even a potential referral source) on how serious you might be about your business.  Complete your profile, including the name of your company, your profile picture, testimonials, credibility points (such as certifications, degrees, or awards), essential skills, and groups you belong to.

Remember, your prospects may find you through one of your networking sources. They may not always visit your website and instead look you up on LinkedIn.  When you give your social media profiles a facelift and look at how all of your marketing  strategies fit together, you’ll make it easy for others to connect with you and create a consistent flow of new business.

Lisa Mininni is the best-selling author of Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change and President of Excellerate Associates, home of the sought-after Entrepreneurial Edge System, which shows business owners how to automatically bring in pre-qualified prospects and turn them into invested clients 98% of the time.  For her brand new eBook, Get More Clients Now! 3 Steps to More Clients, More Money, and A Business You Love, visit


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GPS Your Best Life- Are you a Front Seat or Back Seat Driver?

by Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski

Are you a front or back seat driver?

You have probably heard phrases like “you are judged by the people you associate with” or “your results I life are a result of the people you choose to have in your life”.  Our lives mirror the people we choose to associate with the most. Who do you associate with…. Front or back seat drivers?

Front seat drivers are people who support others; help them find their way, show patience when there is a detour or a wrong turn, and who offer to share the driving on a long or tiring journey.

Back seat drivers have the potential to drain your passion and deplete your positive energy. Backseat drivers often find fault with or complain about others, tell you what to do, or nitpick at issues. The great news is that you have the power to choose a) which type of driver you will be, and b) who you let in your vehicle on the journey of life.

How can you ensure that you bring more front seat drivers into your life?

  1. Be conscious of how much time you devote or spend with backseat drivers. Set boundaries, and provide respectful feedback if need be. The truth is that sometimes people simply don’t realize how they are coming across, or how their behavior is impacting others.
  2. Demonstrate self awareness and ensure your actions, and attitudes are closely aligned to front seat drivers.
  3. Notice the warning signs. Your body sends signals (such as knots in your gut, a drifting mind to escape the dialogue, discomfort, or a urge to be defensive), this is an opportunity for you to a) notice, and b) choose a response.
  4. Define, honor and protect your personal space. Make sure that you are open to receiving as well as giving. Allow others to support and assist you, as you are doing for people in your life.
  5. Practice ways to respectfully end the conversations that you are uncomfortable with.
  6. Model front seat driver behaviors, you will likely find that front seat drivers stick together.
  7. Forgive yourself and move on. Often when people make mistakes, they turn into their own worst backseat driver… self blame, put downs and making the situation worse. Instead, breathe. And breathe again. And Forgive. This allows you to get back into the front seat with ease, grace, dignity, and new learning.

You will likely notice that being a front seat driver is a much easier way to live life, and reach your goals faster.


Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski are the authors of GPS Your Best Life- Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style.  Jack Canfield, co-author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul says that “Charmaine and Debra show you how to navigate through life’s inevitable roadblocks and obstacles with ease and grace, so you can reach your desired destination”. To find out how to GPS Your Best Life, visit


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GPS Your Best life…The What and the Why Make the HOW possible!

by Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski

“If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?”  This is a quote by Basil S. Walsh.

The challenge for many people is knowing where they want to go, and what they want to have, be and achieve. ]

Imagine going to a mega mall that you have never been to, one where you could get lost in the parking lot, let alone in the mall. Amy and Emma had were overwhelmed by the size of the mall, and how they would find their vehicle after a day of shopping. As they entered the mall they noticed the “you are here” sign. Taking note of the current location was the first step in finding their car at the end of the day and navigating through the mall. This sign helped them Get Positioned for Success (GPS).

To GPS your best life, you must first know where you are, then visualize where you would like to be, and finally map out a plan to get you there. Here are a few tips to help you GPS your best life, and get there in style:

Knowing where you are:

Knowing where you are right now… not yesterday and not tomorrow… but right now, is the first step.  Take a few minutes to acknowledge your strengths, your values and what makes you who YOU are. Think about the quality of the relationships you are in (friendships, business collaborations, marriage or dating, family relationships, and your relationship with yourself). Consider the aspects of your life that are comfortable or better yet, going well. What about the areas where you feel off course?

Knowing where you are is the first step in getting in the driver’s seat to create your best life.

Where you’d like you go:

Once you have a sense of where you are, think about where you would like to go, or what you would like to do, be and have. Sometimes people discover their purpose (true calling), some were born with it, and in some cases, their purpose finds them. Your purpose or true calling is your WHY. To get greater clarity on your true calling, ask yourself these questions:

What revs my engine?

What do I love to do that feels effortless?

What do people acknowledge my strengths to be?

When I sit back and imagine my life as it could be, what does that look like?

When you are crystal CLEAR on the “what and the why”, the how begins to emerge

Mapping a plan to get there:

Sometimes people try to map their plan before they are CLEAR on the what and the why.  Mapping your plan is the how. When you know what your life is like now, and what you envision for future, you can map out how to achieve that reality.

Chunk it down, think about the actions in bite size pieces. Write down every possible action (don’t’ worry about the order of the steps) to make the goal a reality. Every day, choose five mini actions, we call this your Daily Five GPS steps. Little steps lead to consistent action and big results.

And along the journey remember to acknowledge your growth and successes, and share them with others.


Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski are the authors of GPS Your Best Life- Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style.  Jack Canfield, co-author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul says that “Charmaine and Debra show you how to navigate through life’s inevitable roadblocks and obstacles with ease and grace, so you can reach your desired destination”. To find out how to GPS Your Best Life, visit




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Adventures in Publishing: Why I Chose to Go Independent

By Sheri Fink, Best-selling, Award-winning Children’s Author

One of the biggest decisions today’s aspiring authors make is whether to go the traditional route with a publisher (whether large or small) or to explore the independent publishing path. I chose to go independent and many writers have asked me about my decision. So, here’s the scoop:  when I made a commitment to myself two years ago to bring The Little Rose children’s book to life, I had limited experience with self-publishing and was beginning to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the variety of publishing options available.

I attended the Southern California Writers Conference ( and networking events with writers. I asked both traditionally published and independently published authors about their experiences. I learned so much and decided to independently publish The Little Rose for several reasons:

  1. Passion and Speed – I felt a burning need to get the uplifting message of The Little Rose to children quickly. I didn’t have the time or patience to woo an agent, find a publisher, go through the whole process, and then wait for a slot on their release calendar several years later.
  2. Control – I wanted to be 100% happy with the final result of all of my hard work. I wanted to choose the right illustrator to bring my story to life and to influence the ultimate look and feel of my book. Even though I published independently, having a high-quality product was really important to me and I knew I could find the right partners to make that goal a reality.
  3. Entrepreneurial Spirit – I’ve always been very entrepreneurial and I was excited about the possibility of building a business around doing something that I absolutely loved. I also learned from other authors about the value of the rights tied in with a book and felt like I would be able to make those decisions for my brand better than a big publisher could. And, my background is in Marketing. I believed that I could leverage my knowledge and skills to be successful.
  4. Happiness – When I talked with other authors, the happiest ones tended to be the self-published authors. They had control over their destiny, their schedules, their agreements, their rights licensing, etc. That really appealed to me.

My best advice for authors who are exploring traditional vs. independent publishing is to talk with successful authors who are already doing it. See what their experiences were like and what they would do differently knowing what they know now. Find out who’s happy and why. Writing and publishing my first book was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Independent publishing is exciting and easier than it’s ever been before (although it’s still not an easy business), but it isn’t the right solution for everyone. Only the individual authors can truly decide what’s right for them, their books, and their careers.

About Sheri Fink

Sheri Fink is the #1 best-selling, award-winning children’s author of The Little Rose and The Little Gnome, the creator of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” children’s brand, and an international speaker. Sheri writes books that inspire and delight children while planting seeds of self-esteem.

Sheri’s next book, Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose, debuts on October 2, 2012 and takes 2-5 year olds on an educational adventure through the garden. Along the way, kids will have fun and learn the names of the plants and animals in the garden. Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose retails for $14.95 and is available on at:

Discover more about The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink at


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Freebie Friday from Debbi Dachinger!

This week’s guest blogger, Deborah Dachinger, is kind enough to share a freebie with us today. Click this gift to receive an MP3 teaching how to make dreams into reality/goals attained.

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The 3-2-1 Method. Easy for Accomplishing Your To-Do List

By Debbi Dachinger (Goal Achievement Expert)


3-2-1 Method:  A technique to assist in accomplishing your to-do list. Can be used for getting through a holiday season or building your business and anything in-between that you intend to create.  The method is to write a list consisting of 3 items, 2 items and 1 item:

3- Tweaks…write 3 small tweaks to engage in that will move you toward your goal

2– Celebrations..write down which 2 things you will celebrate and be grateful for today

1-    Thing You’ll Stop today…Pick one thing to stop doing that contradicts your goal

The 3-2-1 Tracker keeps you on track and it’s simple to do – each week or once a week.

Decide – what you want

Figure– out how to get it

Identify – the people, places and things you need to accomplish your goal.

Go – about doing it

In creating life skills, we build new muscles that support us to move ahead.

Today while speaking with a talented and high-level Web Developer / Computer Technician, we were discussing moving ahead together on a project.  He said something that really perked my ears up regarding the numbers that result in a call to action.  When you generate a call to action with people, i.e. – a radio show asking listeners to do something, or a business asking potential clients to do something, or buy a book, or sell a product – did you know what the statistics are for things like that?  I was really surprised.  When you get 1-3% people to take an action you are doing very well. Those are the numbers. So that means that about 99% of people will never do anything.  Wow.  The technician said that 97-99% of people will never do anything no matter what you tell them or offer them they’ll just sit there doing the same thing… no result. The other 1-3% of folks are hungry – they’re hungry to change, to grow, to do something better for their life. They will bite, they’ll buy; they’ll take action. And they’ll get the result – whatever they’re doing or being will improve greatly because of the action they took!!  Where do you fall in those numbers?  In what percent have you been living your life? And do you want to make a new choice about that?

If you’re in the 1-3% like me and want to improve your life, your work, finances, health, relationships, and spirituality – stay with me here. (And bless you for your willingness to take action, to do the work – to want to live La Vida Plena or la increíble vida, or la vida mágica …. meaning The Full Life, The Amazing Life or The Magical Life.)

Regarding Fear – I watched a TV show where a trainer works with people who are extremely overweight to lose weight and get healthy. He made a pushing his clients to face their fears. The trainer said the longer we avoid something we fear the more it grows and he suggests we face them, take them on– get through them. And just like in life or pursuing dreams and goals and intentions often we must face down a fear in order to get to the dream come true. Facing your fear, not avoiding, but walking through the experience, in spite of fear (which is what courage really means) has inherent life lessons in them.

So create your dreams come true:  Be, think, act, and receive. Fill it with joy and love so the quantum field of energy matches the vibrational match of what you’re feeling and envisioning.  In other words, what you create and attract to you will match the energy you’re imbuing your goal with and bring it to you.

Tell yourself: “I am consistently in the right vibration to attract wealth.”  Finish the sentence with whatever it is you are ready to attract to yourself and your life right now.

Napoleon Hill, 1883-1970, Author, wrote:

“The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help.”

Debbi Dachinger is an expert in goal achievement.  She is a radio and TV personality; a three-time bestselling author, keynote speaker, and coach (for goal attainment and in coaching people how to be exquisite talent while being interviewed on  radio).  Her work with people in the media, workshops and through coaching has been achieved through decades of research, education and her gifts as a clairsentient and intuitive.

Debbi’s “Dare to Dream” radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program with 2+ million listeners offering inspiring information and methods on how to achieve goals and dreams. Deborah is a top-notch radio personality, was an award-winning actress and singer, a successful motivational speaker, a professional voice over artist, and was a popular jewelry designer.

Awards or Accolades to mention:

  • Editor’s Pick: Featured Intriguing Creator;
  • Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award;
  • Featured in Yahoo News, Earth Times, and Singapore Star News and multiple news sources;
  • Inducted into the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for entertainment,
  • Opened the stage for don Miguel Ruiz,
  • Will be featured soon in Social Media Magazines,
  • Soon-to-be on the cover of SPIRIT Magazine,
  • Seen in the documentary film “Girl’s Rule,” about Self-Esteem and Confidence,
  • Author of the bestselling book: “DARE TO DREAM: THIS LIFE COUNTS!” (At Amazon and all bookstores)
  • A regular video contributor at: (debontheradio)

Debbi’s abundant career is in using her voice to live out loud, to teach and inspire others to Dare to Dream and make their dreams a reality.

Debbi Dachinger

Goal Achievement Expert

Syndicated, Award-Winning Host of “Dare to Dream” Radio

Bestselling author of “DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts!”

Amazon 3x bestseller: Fan Page ~ Dare-to-Dream-radio & tv

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Our guest blogger this week, Terri Levine, is kind enough to share the attached report:  How to DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS in The Next 90 Days!

Click here to download.

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