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Music and Sound – The Inside Story!

By Sharon Carne, BMus, MFA

More and more people are beginning to understand and acknowledge that everything is in vibration. Sound is defined as vibrational energy.

It pushes against atoms as it travels. Including your atoms. Not everyone knows that sound travels through the human body about four times faster than it travels through the air. Yes, we hear the sound – like a knock on the door – but it is also traveling through our bodies – creating waves as it travels.

Sound is actually a nutrient for our body. It feeds us. Particularly our nervous system. As you become aware of how you respond to sound at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I encourage you to ask whether a particular sound feeds you or whether it doesn’t.

Some sounds are beneficial and some are not. Do you know how to tell the difference?

Here is an experiment that offers you a physical experience of two contrasting sounds:

1. Take a deep breath. Release the breath slowly with a big sigh.

2. Check in with your body. How are you feeling right now? Just notice.

3. Click on the track below to listen to its sounds. The track is 22 seconds long.

Click here.

4. Check in with your body again. Do you notice a difference from how you felt before listening to the track?

5. Click on the track below to listen to its sounds. This track is 30 seconds long.

Click here.

6. Check in with your body again. Do you notice a difference in how you respond to these sounds?

7. You can repeat this experiment with your attention to what is going on in your mind instead of focusing on how your body feels.

8. You can repeat it again with your attention to what is going on in your emotional state to increase your awareness of how sound affects your emotions.

The next time you go shopping for groceries, listen to the music playing. Decades of research have shown that music with a slow rhythm can increase sales by up to 40% in grocery stores. The next time you go to the mall, listen to the music played in the various stores. Most retailers know what music will keep customers in their store longer.

This process is called entrainment. Your heartbeat is affected by the rhythm of the music. This takes about five minutes. Your altered heartbeat then affects your breathing rhythm and your brainwave state.

These three systems are intimately connected. When you affect one of them, you affect all three. And we can’t turn this off. The human body is a resonator for sound.

We all use music intuitively. For example, a favorite piece of music after a tough day can shift your mood completely.

And some music can be healing – reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, strengthening your immune system and much, much more.

For thousands of years, sound and music have been considered core values of civilization itself. Music is a language that transcends borders and differences. By touching our souls, it welcomes us all into one human family.

Sharon Carne has been a musician and teacher all her life and a student on the path of evolving consciousness for over 40 years. These two paths have merged into the visionary work of Sound Wellness – bringing the ancient power of sound and music to a deeper awareness and practical everyday use for these challenging times we live in.

Her workshops help people with tangible experience in how sound and music reduce stress, deepen meditation, assist emotional release, enhance focus and concentration and ease the symptoms of illness and disease. Sharon is the author of Listen from the Inside Out, has produced and recorded several CDs, solo and with others. She is invited to speak about sound therapy to a wide variety of corporate and private audiences, many within the medical community.

Join the free online community at www.soundwellness.com to download audio, video and explore more than 100 articles.

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