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Get More Social Media Exposure in Less Time

By Gail Z. Martin

Beyond the main benefits of a social media dashboard (pre-posting, scheduled content, analytics, etc.), several other programs are out there for social media users with more specialized needs.  These dashboards may not be useful for everyone, but they do fill specific needs and it can be good to know they’re out there, just in case you need what they provide.

Threadsy gives you a way to combine social media with your email, and connects with many of the major social media networks.  If you’d rather have a single dashboard active rather than switching between different screens, Threadsy is worth a look.

If multiple people in your organization are maintaining your social media presence, you can bring sanity to the situation with MediaFunnel.  MediaFunnel lets you assign different roles to those in your social media team, consolidates log-in information, and helps you monitor your brand and important keywords.  It incorporates some of the features of HootSuite and the other basic dashboards, such as pre-scheduling tweets and posts and assigning messages to team members to handle questions or issues.  MediaFunnel also has a mobile capability, as well as a built-in URL shortener to make it easier to tweet links.  MediaFunnel offers a basic free level for small organizations, and a fee-based level for larger companies.

MarketMeSuite is yet another all-in-one free dashboard with the ability to manage multiple profiles, pre-schedule content updates, access the program from a mobile phone, and post through Ping.  In addition, MarketMeSuite has a location-targeted capability and interfaces with Klout and PeerIndex to help you determine your online popularity.  MarketMeSuite offers the ability to monitor branding across your platforms and supports use by a team of users.  The location targeting is a nice feature, since it can help you augment your social media connections with real life meetings, or help a local business focus its messaging on locally-based followers.

Regardless of which dashboard program you use, remember that it’s your content that matters.  If you’re creating content that is highly targeted and meets the needs of your ideal audience, then how it gets posted is a back office issue of no consequence to your online network.  Remember also that while these dashboards have the ability to increase your reach, poor quality content will hurt your brand and over-posting with hard-sell copy will lose you friends and followers, and may get your account suspended.  These are power tools; use them with caution!

Excerpted from 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Z. Martin—available now in bookstores and online!

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