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Evolution of an Art Calendar

by Violette Clark

Hooray!!!  The sample copies of my “Bliss” calendar have arrived!  I never get tired of seeing my art on products.  It’s such a thrill i tell you!


I’ll be ordering a bunch of calendars so you’ll be able to buy them directly from me!  Yippee!

I don’t know about you but I always wonder where artist’s get their ideas and inspiration from.  I’m assuming some of you are interested so I’ll tell you the story of how the Bliss calendar came to be.

A few years ago my nephew was paralysed in a tragic rugby accident. Naturally the entire family was distraught.  We tried to think of things to give my nephew Adam to buoy his spirits.  So i decided to create a series of inspirational cards which i printed off and laminated.  Every time i visited Adam I would tape an inspiration card on the wall behind his bed.  Adam liked the cards and so did his caregivers who would come to his room to check out his latest miniature missives of hope.

By the end of Adam’s stay at the Rehabilitation center his wall was full of colourful, glittery cards.

A while later I was on twitter and looked at the twitter feed – much to my surprise Brush Dance was looking for artists. I thought “Surely they won’t want my illustrations?”  but then again another thought was “What do you have to lose?  You have those lovely cards you created for Adam – they are different and inspirational in nature. Why not give it a try. You have nothing to lose!”  So I did and Brush Dance accepted my designs!

Now I’ve already illustrated a calendar for 2013 and was asked to submit designs for 2014 if you can believe it!  It all started with the desire to inspire my nephew to heal and feel hopeful.  As you can see you just never know where things might lead to.

That whimsical mixed media illustration you just created might morph into a line of greeting cards or a new rubberstamp design. Sometimes you don’t know where the Muse is leading you until later on.  Your job is to be a conduit for the creativity within you.  Show up and Create and leave a trail of glitter in your wake!

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