Video Boosts Your Social Media Strategy!

by Krizia

Did you know that video is 10 times more likely to generate a response than all social media activities combined?

This means that you’ll get far better results from your social media efforts because those responses will allow you to begin a REAL conversation — a critical element to building your community, and that in turn will allow you to convert more ideal clients into buyers!

Now, when I say video, I don’t mean shooting a video, uploading it on YouTube and thinking your work is done!

If you expect results from the standard “drop and run” strategy, you’ll be very disappointed.

Once you have the right video, you need to get the attention of the right audience (aka your IDEAL clients).

This means you’ll want to use your videos and distribute them on your social media platforms to start promoting your products and services.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or any other social sharing service, your basic strategy will be the same: be interesting, be relevant, and be real. Those are three important elements for each video you create, so let’s spend some time breaking those down:

1) Are you interesting or boring on video?

You’ll want to make sure the content of your videos are interesting and keeps the attention of your viewers. You’ll also want to make sure to avoid vague or boring titles. You’ll also want to avoid sounding like everyone else because sameness will be the kiss of death for your videos. Think about what catches your attention when you are reading your Facebook newsfeed or checking out the latest Tweets and integrate that into the title of your videos.

2) Are your videos relevant?

Clarity is everything with video! This holds true for the title of each video, but also its content.

You want it to be very obvious to your audience which topics you are addressing in each of your videos.

Make sure that from the very first few seconds that people have a sense of what they’re clicking to see. If they aren’t clear about the nature of the relevancy of the video, they’re not going to click to watch and if they do start watching, they’ll quickly move on.

3) Are you real on your videos?

Just like on YouTube, many companies simply post their latest press release to their social media channels and wait to “go viral”.

That’s why company channels look more like well scripted TV commercials than engaging platforms.

To cultivate the kind of community that will care about what you have to say and spread your message, you can’t be afraid to have a personality: engage your followers.

Make sure to ask and respond to questions, comment on news relevant to your industry, and yes, have a little fun and don’t be afraid to use humor!

Remember, there are a few goals you want to attain when it comes to your video and social media strategy: 1) You want them to watch 2) You want them to “like” your videos 3) You want your viewers to share your videos with their networks so that your video keeps attracting more new clients!

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