Use Article Writing to Be Recognized as An Expert and Attract Clients

By Caterina Rando, M.A., MCC

In today’s marketplace, any potential client can go online, type in two or three keywords, into a search engine and immediately review a lifetime supply of vendors anxious to fill their requests. So how do you standout in a crowded marketplace? By using writing, speaking, video and other ways of getting your message out there. Let’s focus her on how to get content for writing articles to grow your business.

Write Your Way to More Success

Writing about your area of expertise is a highly effectively draw new clients and opportunities to you. All you have to do is sit down and write. Writing is a valuable marketing tool because people keep information. You may be called by potential clients weeks, months or even years after an article sees print because they kept the article you wrote. Write about the topics and issues that answer the challenges your potential clients have and watch your phone begin to ring. Next are a few tips for using writing effectively to build your business.

  • Pay attention to your clients. Listen to questions your clients ask and identify the issues they want addressed. What challenges are your clients having? What challenges are plaguing the industry? What innovations are you hearing about? These are all great things to write about. Keep a list, and when you are ready to write, review it for ideas.
  • Start with quick tips. Start by writing a helpful list of something that you know about but your clients might not. I call these “quick tip sheets.” A couple examples are “Twenty Quick Tips to Organize Your Office” or “10 Ways to Feel Better in Five Days.”
  • Turn It into an article. To turn a quick tip sheet into an article, write an explanation or an example beneath each quick tip. Add an opening paragraph that states what problem your article solves, then add a paragraph at the bottom that tells the reader to apply what they have read–and you have a completed article.
  • Add a benefit-focused title. Do not try to be too clever with your titles. Just tell the reader what to expect from reading your article. “Secrets,” “strategies,” “solutions” are all good words to include in a title For example, “Seven Secrets to Look Ten Years Younger” or “Ten Often Overlooked Solutions for Saving Money.”
  • Remember the resource box. The most important part of the article is the resource box at the bottom where you say who you are, what you do and how people can contact you. Include a compelling reason for them to connect with you. For example, have them go to your website to download your free copy of an e-book or listen to your podcast with more tips.
  • Edit it. Have a professional editor review your articles once they are written. You want to be confident everything you send out is accurate.
  • Use articles over and over. Once you write an article or a quick tip sheet, use it again. Send it to other publications that might be interested in it, members of the media, email it to current clients and potential clients with a cover letter that says, “In case you missed my article in XYZ publication, here is a copy for you.” Of course post your articles on your website, post a link to those articles on your social networking sites and post all or part of your articles on your blog depending on length.

Marketing your business and establishing your expertise go hand-in-hand. People want to do business with the best, and you can use tele-classes, podcasts, speaking and writing to tell the world you are the best. Choose one of these four tools that you not currently using to start with and make it part of your marketing plan and watch your success soar.

This blog post is adapted from Incredible Business, from Thrive Publishing™ 2010,

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